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Packet Trick

Fuzzy Bunny

Lecture Notes

Lecture DVD

One of the easiest book tests on the market today 


A Word is freely chosen from the book the Magician reads the spectators mind by drawing the object they are thinking of  

This is an eye popping effect in Bicycle poke stock.

Four cards are shown, three face up and one face down Mystery Card, One by one the cards magically turn face down and when they are turnd face up again, the Mystery Card-the real mystery is, where have all the original cards gone to? Only four cards are used, no rough and smooth or pocket cards  

A great little trick for Table hopping  works for adults and kids 


four cards with hats on them are shown  one with a Rabbit in it you put the Rabbit card on the Table and the spectator have to guess where the Rabbit is  

Four Lecture Notes


Bendy Coin/3 Coins thru table/silly card/Mind Mapping Templates/and 2 Games/Lollypop/who’s under the blanket

Lecture DVD

this is in four parts


Three-way a card trick/Cup & Ball & Watch /Four Card Trick/Tightrope/Bucket Head/Folding Chair/Thoughts 

92 minutes  







Instant Download

 Create a trans-dimensional portal inside a freely selected card. Then hand everything out, like a boss.

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