Mrs JEAN PURDY – Conjuringt the Court

Richard Daish

I first met Martin at a formal dinner, where he was entertaining the guests at their tables. He was very impressive, with his close-up illusions, where we could not tell how he was performing them. I was so impressed that I booked him for another formal dinner, where he entertained all of us, including a couple of children who were at my table. Everybody told me that they thoroughly enjoyed his performance, and had no idea about his “magic” and some had not seen such “tricks” before. What was even better was that the two programmes were sufficiently different, so that others who had been at both dinners were still completely baffled, even when he created an illusion while standing behind the person and performing the illusion over their shoulders! In summary, he made the evening for me, and I have no hesitation in recommending him to you- he was funny, clever, worked with all ages (from eight to over eighty), and performed illusions which I still cannot see how they could be possibly done. Richard Daish

Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolics

• "I HAVE NEVER SEEN THE GUEST OF HONOUR LAUGH SO MUCH!" Joan Caesar, Past President, International Brotherhood of Magicians "YOU WERE HILARIOUS!" David Regal, TV writer and magician "YOU'RE CHARMING!" Rocco, world-champion magician "YOU MADE ME CRY WITH LAUGHTER! YOU HAD US ALL IN TEARS DURING YOUR ACT." Dan Garrett, Past President, Society of American of Magicians

Mr & Mrs Harrison

• ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC Made our wedding evening complete. Everybody from my 6 year old nephew to my 80 year old gran enjoyed watching, joining in, being tricked and well being totally blown away. A true family entertainer. Would strongly recommend for any event. Martin had everyone amazed, confused, puzzled and impressed with his truly unbelievable tricks & illusions, while bringing comedy & Laughter to the evening. All my guests have commented on how excellent he was, it gave our wedding the 'wow' factor that will be spoken about for along time to come. Mr & Mrs Harrison - , Lancashire 2014

Martin was in top form and made a great opening act. Smartly dressed in a red shot silk suit (try saying that with your teeth out)! He fooled the audience with his balloon /bottle production. He then involved the crowd in some comedy banter then gave us some nifty card predictions. All presented in his own style which the audience loved. His years of experience showed in his gentle handling of assistants without them feeling uncomfortable. He did some very funny bits of business which I will not reveal as I can imagine the magical world and his brother will be doing it in no time! His last magical miracle was a slice of Tommy Cooper! He asked a very nice young man to join him on stage and placed a wine glass on his head; on top of this he rested a card, a tube and an egg. The comedy that Martin got out of this situation was hilarious. It was at least six minutes long but of course the idea was for him to hit the card which would move the tube and cleverly make sure that the egg would fall into the wine glass!! After proving that he was using a real egg the audience went wild. Martin is a BIG guy but the magical lovers showed their affection for him as he left the stage.

Mrs JEAN PURDY – Conjuring at the Court